Indoor poster distribution

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Working in partnership with our sister company, Out of Hand Scotland, we can offer the following service:

Posters are distributed in selected shops, bars, cafes and takeaways throughout Edinburgh City Centre - As Out of Hand Scotland undertake poster distribution all year round, they have successfully built up good relationships with numerous business owners and know which outlets are happy to take posters, where people are likely to go and the best places to display your promotional material.

During and just before the Fringe period (22nd July – 26th August), the teams visit outlets daily to ensure continuous coverage. With multiple routes covering the city centre (unless otherwise specified when booking), your posters will be evenly spread out across all routes.

If you want to reach the residents within Edinburgh, we can offer access to an additional network targeting areas outside of the city centre, primarily focused on reaching the local community, rather than tourists.

We also offer a specially targeted distribution route for shows looking to reach families and people interested in the arts, please discuss this when booking. Additionally, during the Fringe, Out of Hand Scotland have a team of distributors placing posters on the drums on the Royal Mile and around the Fringe Half Price Hut at the bottom of the Mound every morning. If this is something you wish to be involved in, please mention it when booking.


£75 + vat per 100 x A4 posters (inc print)
£110 + vat per 100 x A3 posters (inc print)

£60 + vat per 100 x A4 posters (you supply pre-printed posters)
£80 + vat per 100 x A3 posters (you supply pre-printed posters)

(Please note we cannot distribute posters larger than A3 to legal indoor sites and please confirm Show Name and Date you wish distribution to start at time of ordering).

  • Over 300 outlets within our extensive network
  • All city centre outlets visited regularly during the Fringe
  • Photos taken of all posters that are put up in each outlet
  • Online proof of posting gallery so you can see where you posters have been displayed (photos show poster on display) - we supply a selection of photos as proof of distribution.
  • Written list of places covered each week available for an additional cost
  • Suggested quantity: 300 posters for continuous coverage throughout the four week Fringe period, allowing extra posters for replenishing outlets where needed. (Please note all posters don't go out at the same time)
  • Minimum booking is 100 posters
  • Suggested size: A4 or A3 (A4 posters will get into places easier). No A2 posters please - these take up too much space, restricting access to other shows.

Due to the nature of the Fringe with over 3,000 shows all taking place during the same four week period, space in outlets in limited. Whilst we do our best to secure space for our clients posters in all the outlets we visit, we can’t always get everyone’s posters up in all the same places we visit. As a result, we spread out the distribution so not all your posters will go out at the same time - they will be spread out over the whole Fringe period. Please bear in mind that once we’ve put up a poster in an outlet and left, we have no control over how long it will stay up. Due to the intense competition for wall space, we aim to visit outlets every couple of days and replace posters where necessary.

Please note this distribution service is undertaken by our sister company, Out of Hand Scotland.