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Special banners that fit around the pillars of the court building. Positioned near the Grassmarket end of the very busy Cowgate, in the area between the three Sisters Pub and the Underbelly Cowgate venue, this is a new location within the official scheme. A prime opportunity to reach the large crowds, this is the first year this format has been introduced at this into the scheme.

Front and back panels: 153cm high x 80cm wide
Side panels: 153cm high x 66cm wide

Front panels: £200 + vat or £250 after 1st August
Side Panels: £150 + vat or £200 after 1st of August
Back panels: £125 + vat or £175 after 1st of August
Includes printing your supplied artwork directly onto PVC banners and fitting.

On the pillars directly behind the court building, between the popular 3 Sisters pub and Sneaky Pete's on Cowgate.

Due to the sensitive nature of this building (it is a functioning court), there is a copy approval process for all bookings. All artwork needs to be approved by the court before it goes on display. We will arrange the approval process for all artwork, but please be mindful of your artwork - eg it is unlikely to be approved if it contains any swearing, is political / close to the line or controversial in any way. If your artwork is refused approval, we will refund your booking for this location in full - so there is no risk to you.

If the total value is under £1,000, please pay via the Shopify Payments option.
If your order value is over £1,000, please select the Bank Transfer option and DON'T pay via the Shopify Payments option - your order will still go through as normal and you'll receive instructions to arrange payment via BACS instead. Payment needs to be completed within 48hrs.