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Three A1 posters on a low level correx triangle, fitted around lamp posts in key locations across the city centre.

841mm high x 594mm wide

£150 + vat
Includes printing your supplied artwork directly onto correx - each triangle takes three different pieces of artwork and you're purchasing all three sides of it. You can use the same artwork for all three sides or put different artwork on each side - the choice is up to you.

See map below to see the spread of coverage, please book your quantity per zone and they will be evenly distributed across all sites for that format within that zone.

We strongly recommend you purchase an extra 10% overs so your poster boards can be quickly replaced in the unlikely event they are damaged / vandalised beyond repair.
If we have your pre-printed spare poster boards in stock at our warehouse, damaged items will be replaced within 24hrs.
If we need to print additional poster boards, please allow 2-3 working days for replacements to be produced and put in situ on our sites.

If the total value is under £1,000, please pay via the Shopify Payments option.
If your order value is over £1,000, please select the Bank Transfer option and DON'T pay via the Shopify Payments option - your order will still go through as normal and you'll receive instructions to arrange payment via BACS instead. Payment needs to be completed within 48hrs.