Zone System - How does it work?

Within the outdoor scheme, in previous years, all posters have been on general distribution throughout the city centre and this has caused some misunderstandings / confusion about placement expectations. To avoid this, we have divided the city into four zones and posters will be placed on general distribution across the sites we have available for each format within that zone. So, if you only want to target the area around the Pleasance Courtyard (for example), now you can!

When you book, out of your total order, please specify how many posters you want in each zone.

Formats covered under the zone system include:

Railing boards (30" x 20" / 30" x 40")


Lamp post wraps

A1 Triangles

A3 poster packs

Formats NOT covered under the zone system and require specific placement upon booking include:

Double Quads (30" x 80")

Super Quads (30" x 160")

8 Sheets

12 Sheets

Crowd Barrier Jackets

Cowgate Pillars

Festival Towers

Festival Triangles

Phone Kiosks


Please refer to the map below to see which zone covers which area within the city centre.



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