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This will give you a search engine, please type in the last five digits of your SOR order number: XXXXX and photos of your posters in situ and their locations will be displayed. 

  • All advertising booked with correct artwork supplied by 7th June will be put up within the scheme by the end of Monday 29th July 2019.

  • Bookings made and / or artwork received between 8th June and 12th July will be put up by the end of Friday 2nd August.

  • Bookings made within the 2nd release on 24th June with artwork received by 12th July will be put up by the end of Friday 2nd August.

  • Booking made after 12th July or artwork received after 12th July will be processed and posted as soon as possible and you'll be advised of a date when you received confirmation of receipt of artwork. Please be aware posting is likely to be after 2nd August and we can't be held liable for missed advertising days due to late supplied artwork. (We need a minimum of 7-10 working days to process and put up new orders).

Our hard working fitting teams will take photos of all advertising boards as they are put up on a daily basis and they will be uploaded online for you to see them.

PLEASE NOTE: We are using our unique proof of posting system - it's the first of it's kind used for outdoor advertising within the UK and as such, there might be bugs in the system that we've missed. If you can't see all your posters, it doesn't mean they haven't gone up, it's highly likely they just haven't scanned correctly, please refer to us and we'll be able to confirm locations.

If you're not sure of your order number, please contact us and we'll find it for you.

NOTE: If you placed your order online, you should also have received an SOR number directly from Out of Hand - the system will NOT work if you try and enter your four digit WEB# number.

The following items are displayed in FIXED locations which were confirmed when you placed your booking:

  • Double Quads (30" x 80")
  • Super Quads (30" x 160")
  • 8 sheets
  • 12 sheets
  • Bollards
  • Cowgate Pillars
  • Crowd Barrier Jackets
  • Festival Towers
  • Festival Triangles
  • Phone Kiosks
  • Potterrow Port Vinyls
  • Widescreens

The following items below are displayed on general distribution across each zone they have been booked in, and not on specific pre-booked sites.

  • 4-sheets
  • Railing boards (including Double Crowns (30" x 20") and Quads (30" x 40")
  • Lamp Post wraps
  • A3 poster packs on lamp post wraps
  • A1 Triangles

If you have any queries with where your posters have been displayed, please contact us as soon as possible and we'll try and sort things out for you.

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