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Whether it's your first time performing at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe or you're a seasoned semi-pro, you need to promote yourself and your show to the hundreds of thousands of visitors that attend the Festival Fringe every year.

Outdoor advertising is unavoidable, it's bright, colourful, positioned at street level throughout Edinburgh city centre and installed for the duration of the Fringe. The official outdoor poster advertising scheme offers a wide range of formats, different shapes and sizes to fit all budgets, as a result, booking outdoor advertising can seem daunting as there is so much choice, and you need to fit it within your tight budget!

Our advice:

  • Work out what budget you have available and be realistic about what you're looking to achieve.

  • Book a range of different formats to get good coverage across the most number of sites within the Fringe area.

  • Decide whether you want to promote near the venue where you're performing at or near rival venues instead that have similar shows to yours. If you already have your posters and flyers inside and directly outside your venue as part of their marketing, it makes more sense to focus your marketing near rival venues and high footfall areas within the city centre.

  • Ensure your artwork includes the show name, dates, venue, time and ticket cost - this is essential information!

  • Ensure your artwork is consistent with your other media (flyers / posters / programme advert) and clearly gets across the key information within 1-2secs of reading it.

We're happy to offer specific campaign advice and put together a show proposal for you if you'd like our input. This is a free service and you are under no obligation to go ahead with it if you decide to change your mind.

The Fringe Society have some good general show marketing advice too, read more about it HERE

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