Can I supply printed posters to you?

No, we are only printing supplied artwork directly onto correx. This is a more robust and weather resistant option as there is no poster to blow / rip off.

Where do I send my artwork for printing?

After placing your order, you will receive an email confirmation with order details and artwork supply instruction. Failure to follow these instructions might result in a delay displaying your artwork.

I can’t get the advertising spaces / formats that I want, have I missed out?

No, we are releasing more advertising stock on a second / last minute release on 24th June which will include a limited amount of stock we have specifically held back, as well and any returned / cancelled stock, so there is a second chance to get involved – please ensure you have registered to receive email updates.

How can I ensure my advertising is in a specific location?

Certain formats are booked by specific location, others are on general distribution within each zone.

I’m VAT exempt, how do I pay?

If you are VAT exempt, please proceed through the checkout process as normal but select the bank deposit payment option and we will amend the amount you need to pay accordingly, but the stock you have requested will still be assigned to you.

I live abroad, do I still need to pay VAT?

If you live abroad and place an outdoor or distribution booking with us, as the service is being undertaken and delivered within the UK, you are liable to pay the VAT, sorry.

Are there different prices for the different zones?

No, prices are the same across all zones.

Do the prices include printing?

Yes, all our prices include printing your supplied artwork onto the boards - there is NO need for you to print separate posters.




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