Outdoor posters are an essential element of any Fringe performers marketing campaign to support their Edinburgh shows. Working in partnership with The City of Edinburgh Council, we are the official contractor operating the outdoor poster scheme this year. All our sites are in prime central locations and ideally positioned for maximum visibility around the Fringe performance areas with sites outside the main venues, busy pedestrian walkways and main traffic routes and transport hubs.

All costs are based on a 4-week campaign: 29th July - 26th August 2019

PROOF OF POSTING: See where your posters have been displayed HERE

This will give you a search engine. If you type in your SOR order number: XXXXX your photos will come up. Lamp post / sign wraps including A3 poster packs and A1’s are not part of this information. These structures are placed on general distribution throughout the city centre, focused on central Fringe areas.


Minimum order value: £24 + vat

2nd release poster / artwork supply deadline: 6pm Friday 12th July 2019

Advertising stock: We released our initial inventory on Monday 29th April on a first come, first served basis, we have worked hard to supply as much high quality stock in suitable locations within Edinburgh City Centre at fair rates. We are having a second release on 24th June. This second release will include any returned / unpaid stock and extra stock we have especially held back - the key reason for this is we understand peoples marketing plans / budgets can change and those who missed out first time for whatever reason will have another chance to get involved.

Advertising booked on the second release with artwork supplied by 12th July will be installed by Fri 2nd August

Environmental commitment: As part of our environmental commitment, once this years Fringe has finished, we will be recycling all the printed correx boards which will be reprocessed into a range of new product applications for the packaging and construction markets. Correx with posters mounted onto them will be retained and reused next year.

Maintenance of adverting sites: We have three teams undertaking daily checks of all the advertising sites during the Fringe. They will be operating from 29th July - 26th August and will ensure all sites are clean and tidy, all advertising is as it should be, repair / replace any damaged stock and should pick up any problems straight away. Our operations manager and duty supervisor will be contactable via our office (0117 953 6363 or and will be your main point of contact for any maintenance issues you see with your booked sites.

Replacement / spare poster policy:
When you book your advertising space, it is up to you to ensure we have the artwork / posters to display in that space. If any of your advertising spaces gets damaged or vandalised, it is your responsibility (and at your own cost) to arrange replacement posters / correx boards to ensure your continued advertising presence in that space.

  • For All lamp post items (inc lamp post wraps, A1 triangles & A3 packs), 30”x20” (Double Crown), 30”x40” (Quads) and 4-sheets – we suggest an extra 10% but this is at your own risk and not compulsory. If you choose not to supply overs then it will take longer to replace any damaged correx boards - allow an extra 2-3 days.
  • Please purchase extra printed correx boards via the REPLACEMENT POSTERS section of this website.

Payment: Please place your order through this site, if the total value is under £1,000, please pay via the Paypal option. If your order value is over £1,000, please select the Bank Transfer option and DON'T pay via the Paypal option - your order will still go through as normal and your advertising selection will be allocated to you and you'll receive instructions to arrange payment via BACS instead straight away. Payment needs to be completed within 48hrs. By submitting orders through this site, you agree to the terms and conditions posted on this website (see link at the bottom of this page) and to be set up as a customer of Out of Hand Ltd.

Proof of posting: We will give you proof of posting photos by 29th July so your street teams know where to find your posters to stick the review stars on them!

Please browse the different advertising formats below and place your booking.

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